Friday, July 23, 2010

Grown up things, that look childish.

Sometimes, (okay more often then not) I'm drawn to things that remind me of being a kid again. You may have only dreamed of having these things when you were 5, but I am still dreaming of them.

(images, we heart it)

You may have noticed a lot of my images have been coming from we heart it lately, I highly recommend you check that site out for cute images of most anything,


  1. We Heart It ftw, right? ;)
    These photos are adorable. Is it odd that I would absolutely LOVE to live in that house just for one night? I guess so.
    Great blog. :)

  2. I Love pinkkkkkkkk !!!
    See my blog if you want ...
    I follow you, you follow me?

  3. What a great lil' post! My favorite is the one of the house, I want to live there <3

    xo Lynzy

  4. wow! its so super cute.. Yes! sometimes we should do something to remind us of being kid again.. being mature it doesn't mean lack of playful spirit..