Friday, July 2, 2010

What I wore today.

My version of a great menswear outfit is a mans t shirt over tights with minimal accessories and the occasional fedora. My camera is not working, I had to use my sisters old one, and so the quality is really not very great at all :/

I'm going out of town for a few days, to Ashland, Oregon. Gonna visit family, the little towns pretty cool though, has a "Shakespeare Festival" every summer so think I may go to a play while I'm down there. Should be back the 8th or 9th, so I'll definitely be updating the blog again then.


  1. Great androgynous sort of grunge look!

  2. love the shirt.

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  3. Awesome tshirt!! I really love your blog's design! xoxoxoxoo

  4. love the futuristic sci fi print, its psycadelic x

  5. Nice print ... it could be somewhere arrownd McQueens first psychedelic prints. LOVE IT !